Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Atlanta United Player Cocktails - Kenwyne Jones

If you're going to be a fan, you'll eventually need a drink. Have some signature Atlanta United Player Cocktails.

To pair with Atlanta United signee, forward Kenwyne Jones -- where's the link? wait, is this the first time we're typing up Kenwyne Jones? shit. -- let's keep with his T&T heritage and make a rum drink.

Trinidad and Tobago loves some rum. And you know what's better than traditional rum? Strong rum. We'll be using Puncheon rum as the star of this cocktail. 

Why? It's potent, has a fabled past and recently come back to prominence, much like Kenwyne. (Yeah, I know that's a stretch but the T&T national team has had a resurgence with Kenwyne helping lead the way.)

Like basically all liquor, you can simply mix puncheon rum with a juice or soda but that's some lame ish. Unless you make your own Lemon Lime & Bitters. That I will allow.

We're going to make a Trini Bruiser, aka my new nickname for Kenwyne. Not only are we getting the Puncheon rum, but also absinthe and Hpnotiq so it'll definitely get weird. 

Take equal parts Puncheon (Bacardi 151 if you can't find the real stuff will do), absinthe and Hpnotiq, a splash of a more mellow rum (gold rum if using Puncheon as base, white rum if using 151), a sugar cube or dash of simple syrup, obviously some Angostura bitters and shake it all together. Pour over ice and garnish with some citrus.

The Trini Bruiser will pack a wallop (who says wallop?) and leave you wanting another. Remind you of anyone?