Tuesday, July 26, 2016

From Zlatan to Adu: Harry Shipp - S

This is the eight installment of a 26-part series of players we'd like to see at Atlanta United FC as either a Designated Player or general roster spot. They will not all make sense but we will try to convince you anyway. #HailUnited #KingsOfTheSouth

Harrison Shipp - Midfielder - Montreal Impact - DOB: 11/7/1991

So what's the deal with this guy?

Currently in his third MLS campaign, Harry Shipp had a strong rookie season and has stayed consistent racking up 12 goals and 17 assists in 85 career league appearances.

He's 24 and only in his third year. Did he go to college?

Yeah, graduated from Notre Dame and everything.

College soccer doesn't develop players

Say what you will about NCAA footy, Shipp led the Fighting Irish to a national championship his senior season, won Most Outstanding Player of the College Cup and ACC Offensive Player of the Year.

Still, he doesn't look like much

By his own admission, Shipp will never be the fastest or strongest or whatever other cliche there is, but, add another, better cliche, he tries to be the smartest. 

I'm not sold

Ugh, fine. Yeah, Shipp is a not a freak physical specimen at 5'9" but he's creative and skillful on the ball. While he's usually deployed on the wing and has a penchant for serving some tempting crosses, he can also move into the center of the pitch. Finding space is something Shipp is also known to do.


Then watch this, mostly because it's also fun.

That was fun

I know. The guy is also passionate. When he was traded from his hometown club, the Chicago Fire, to Montreal he iPhone Noted a heartfelt goodbye. And he already self-identifies as "southern," according to his Twitter bio.

Why would Atlanta United want Harry Shipp?

Relatively young with a couple MLS years under his belt. Versatility and creativity in the midfield. Focused more on attacking then a Chris McCann likely will be. Service is needed for Tito and Kenwyne Jones. Oh yeah, best part, less than $130,000 a year and he wouldn't take up an international roster spot.

Does this make sense?

We have no idea how long Montreal signed Shipp for. Plus they gave away a decent bit in terms of money and what not to get Harry. Would we like to see some salutes in Atlanta? Sure, but we also may not be able to pry him away.