Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What's up with the Serafino 4th Edge "Toe Poke" cleats?

I don't want to completely disregard the Serafino 4th Edge "toe poke" soccer cleat.

Does it look silly? Sure. 

Have I played in it? No. 

That's why I don't want to say this thing is garbage. Also, compare it to the original 1994 Adidas Predator.

Both are the first iterations of some pretty ambitious boots.

Look how raised that rubber is on the Predator. It's crazy to think of that on a cleat now. Same goes for the toe of the 4th Edge. It appaers to be too big and pronounced for modern soccer. 

But when you hear of the rationale for the design it isn't completely crazy.

"The toe is not used enough and with this harder toe it gives the player an extra dimension to get that shot off under pressure," says Harry Redknapp, former manager of many English Premier League clubs.

Serafino may be onto something. With this version of the 4th Edge though, it's hard to imagine not being laughed off the pitch. 

Could you even envision someone showing up to the soccer fields for the open tryouts for Atlanta United in this thing?

Still, if you want to support Serafino you can contribute to the Kickstarter because of course you can.