Sunday, November 15, 2015

From Zlatan to Adu: Axel Sjoberg - X

This is the third installment of a 26-part series of players we'd like to see at Atlanta United FC as either a Designated Player or general roster spot. They will not all make sense but we will try to convince you anyway. #HailUnited #KingsOfTheSouth

Axel Sjöberg - Defense - Colorado Rapids - DOB 3/8/91

He's not this Axel Sjoberg

That one is a drummer for the band Graveyard. This Axel should consider the mustache/hair combo though.

They are both from Sweden

Soccer Axel came to the US in 2011 to play for Marquette University. Before that he played a bit in the Swedish second division and had some success. Coming out of college in 2014/2015 he was regarded as one of the top ten defense prospects. 

How tall is Axel Sjöberg?

Like 6'7" but he failed to register a goal in his rookie campaign with the Colorado Rapids in 2015. I point out the lack of goal only because the dude is so tall you think he'd be Peter Crouch-ing everything.

Tall order to stay healthy

The big man had to redshirt his freshman year at Marquette and missed a lot of time with the Rapids in his first year due to injury. Health is always a consideration especially if it's an issue in a player's youth.

Pronunciation of Sjöberg


He'd probably follow you on Twitter if you ask

He isn't that active on there but follows only 55 people and has less than 800 followers.

Why would Atlanta United want Axel Sjöberg? 

Even though the Rapids moved up to grab him in the first round of the 2015 MLS Superdraft, Sjöberg is only costing Colorado the league minimum $60,000 per year. Unless he makes major moves next season the Rapids might not protect him from the expansion draft Atlanta United will get to partake in. For that price it would be nice to get a big central defender with what will be two years of MLS experience under him.

Does this make sense?

Yes, for the reasons mentioned above. 

Even if he isn't plugged in as a starter (which he most likely would for an expansion team) you can't beat the potential and value coming off the bench.

Also, 6'7" soccer players are basically going to immediately become a fan favorite. Doesn't hurt that he's foreign.

Just depends on how the Rapids are feeling about him after the 2016 season.