Thursday, May 19, 2016

Atlanta United Book Club

Book clubs are a fun way to drink alcohol and not read books  connect with people and share ideas. Book clubs are becoming more popular in the sports world, so why shouldn't Atlanta United fans have one.

Here are a couple suggestions that should last you until 2017.

Uncle Arthur built Atlanta United and the Merc Dome so learn how he got all that gwop. 

While we're on the front office, learn a little about the club president Darren Eales (and Amy Rodriguez) came from.

Because some news came out today that may or may not include a Ghanian signed to Atlanta United, read up on how the soccer culture has developed over there.

If you're going to be the fan of an MLS team you need to know what beef is because someone on twitter will inevitably invade the TL.

So you don't forget the presumptive rivals are really just in the pocket of Big Entertainment.

If you want to learn how to move a team down the American soccer pyramid.