Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ways to get banned and kicked out of Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta United games

The Other United (DC) did a thing and their Twitter was up in arms today.  Here's the best recap of what the club did to a member of the District Ultras supporters group. 

If the Other United is now so decidedly protective of crap RFK Stadium, what's the Atlanta United brass going to crack down on Terminus Legion, Footie Mob and Resurgence over and ban fans from entering the brand new Mercedes-Benz Stadium? Will it be over crazy tailgates or in-game antics?

Maybe these things:

Drinking a Pepsi

Calling fellow fans "plastic"

Smoke emitting from receptacle not containing meat

Bringing up Pro/Rel at the urinals

Not understanding a Freaknik reference

Debating any positive merits of referee Baldomero Toledo

No, you can't wear a Drew Brees jersey

Saying Atlanta United should have moved to Cobb County with the Braves