Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Major League Sucker - Caleb Porter's Scarf, Pablo Mastroeni's Mustache, Bowtie

Who should be the MLS Atlanta coach? I have no idea. 

What I need to happen though, is for that coach to have some sort of identity outside his general coaching strategy and on-filed tactics. 

I'm looking at something like Portland Timbers coach Caleb Porter and his interactions with opposing coaches. Or even his recognizable scarf wearing

Or Colorado Rapids manager Pablo Mastroeni with his mustache and bow tie

I don't see these as distractions, but rather another character and trait and flavor of the game for fans and supporters to latch onto.

Just look at #OkaShorts that's happening right now with the Atlanta Silverbacks midfielder Jon Okafor. But with a coach. 

Atlanta has to unlock the swag. And with that awful sentence I retire.