Friday, March 27, 2015

Major League Sucker - Who makes tifos?

Part of the reason I became a stand-in Timbers fan was because of the supporters culture.

They always have dope tifos.

Tifos are basically just any form of visual display from fans. Usually it refers to either choreographed signs or large banners like the one above from the Timbers Army.

I never understood who makes these things though.

Who makes tifos? HOW do you make tifos? Who PAYS for these things?

The Timbers Army and many other supporters groups rely on donations to make tifos. They also use volunteer groups to produce them. The 107ist are the tifo crew for the Timbers. Just look at what goes into these things.

That tifo is spread out in an alcohol warehouse. It's huge. And look at all the people.

The 107ist has due paying members who also get to vote on designs for games. When it actually comes to making these things, it can take weeks.

From what I can tell, the same process that goes into making a personal two pole flag tifo is what happens on this big scale. Make a design, enlarge it onto big pieces of fabric, paint, etc.

All-around it's an amazing, labor-intensive process. I hope MLS Atlanta and Terminus Legion and every other fan group is able to produce something like this.