Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Major League Sucker - Fantasy MLS Week 2

So Week One for Tommy Wears Copas was a bit rough. The whole "learning MLS players through a fantasy team" has gone exceedingly well though.

Even with unlimited transfers leading up to Round 1 matches, I only made one switch between the team I drafted and started which was picking up Tyrone Mears. Good call on my part. He made the Best XI for the week and was basically a quarter of my scoring.

Oh yeah, the Round One score. 


Tommy Wears Copas was only a couple shy of the 54 pt league average. But the team sits at 15,766 of 23,873 overall. Not great. But ya know, we're just getting the hang of this.

I used the two free transfers for this week to pick up some help because of byes (DC/COL) and drop some dead weight.

Conor Casey is the Union's all-time leading scorer but no longer starts. Nick Hagglund is a "sleeper" but also not guaranteed a starting spot. Dropping those two freed up $13M.

For $12.6, TWC added Colorado defender Axel Sjoberg (8 pts) and Kei Kamara (2 pts). Sjoberg is on bye, I know, but I figured I'd go ahead and switch up the lineup formation this week while I had a lot of byes anyway so that I'll have more wiggle room for other, pricier transfers in the attacking quadrant later. 

The Kamara move works great because he's basically the only forward on that Columbus team (from what I can gather) and has a cushy home match vs a shaky Toronto defense (from what I can gather). 

So there it is. A better MLS Fantasy team and under budget. I don't know if being under budget is a good thing.

Next week I will probably be looking to make another defensive switch with Jordan Harvey underperforming at $7.4M. Probably should have dropped him instead of Hagglund but I'm a rook.