Monday, January 30, 2017

MLS Players Union issues statement on Travel Ban

The White House ordered a controversial Travel Ban on Friday and after protests around the country the MLS Players Union issued a statement of it's own and good for them. 

MLS Players Union Statement on Travel Ban The MLS Players 

Union today released the following statement by its Executive Director, Bob Foose, regarding the travel ban ordered by the White House on Friday: 

We are deeply concerned, both specifically for our players who may be impacted, and more broadly for all people who will suffer as a result of the travel ban implemented on Friday. Details on the practical impact of the ban are still emerging, and we are still sorting through the potential impact on our players and their families. We are extremely disappointed by the ban and feel strongly that it runs counter to the values of inclusiveness that define us as a nation. We are very proud of the constructive and measured manner in which Michael Bradley expressed his feelings on the ban. It is our deepest hope that this type of strong and steady leadership will help to guide us through these difficult times.

Here is the Michael Bradley statement mentioned: