Thursday, March 12, 2015

Major League Sucker - What do soccer numbers mean?

I admit it. Even as a life long (casual) soccer fan I never really knew what exactly soccer jersey numbers meant. 

I got the general area on the field where numbers played. I knew good players got 9 and 10. Didn't really ever put it all together though.

Here's the general rundown of soccer numbers and their corresponding positions. 

No. 1 - Goalie

No. 2 - Right Back

No. 3 - Left Back

No. 4 - Center Back

No. 5 - Center Back

No. 6 - Defensive Mid; Center Back

No. 7 - Right Mid

No. 8 - Attacking Mid; Box-to-Box

No. 9 - Target Forward

No. 10 - Playmaker; Forward

No. 11 - Left Mid; Wing

As you can see, past 11 is never really accounted for. Ya know, because you play 11 men. 

MLS has a pretty good run down of how formations effected numbers and their meaning. Worth a watch.