Wednesday, January 21, 2015

12-year-old bullied as 'stupid racist White Girl' for new hairstyle

12-year-old Mallory Merk posted pictures of her new hairstyle on Twitter. Merk, who is white, decided she liked the look of box braids, so that?s how she had her hair done. Her only "mistake" was not checking with people who seem to be angry about everything before she decided on her choice of hairstyle. The bullies on Twitter who thought Merk should not have braids because they are somehow part of black culture, therefore untouchable, in their "minds" by white people. The things said to Mallory were both absurd and disgusting. These bullies were both male and female. They were also various ethnicities. One person even told Mallory he hoped she got bullied. Merk tweeted an apology to anyone she offended. Fortunately, many people, including African-Americans, came to the defense of the young lady.